An international society for intellectually highly gifted persons

To become a member of HighPotentialsSociety you have to prove an IQ of at least 132 (M=100;SD=16). You need an iq score that belongs to the top 2 % of the unselected population.

The tests which are accepted as entrance tests (only) can be found here. Some of them are psychologist supervised and scientifically established tests and there are also High IQ Tests which were designed by several test designers to measure high iq scores.

Please send your application to the membership officer

MO (at) highpotentialssociety.org

Please include full name, age, country, other High IQ Society memberships, the verification of your sufficient iq score or membership (as attachment) and last but not least the member profile. Any score-report sent through e-mail must be scanned into a word processor (such as, word). Applicants should not alter anything in the score report (such as renaming the file or changing the document format), instead of forward it directly to the email given above as was received. In case of paper score reports, legible photocopies or scanned reports are allowed. Please include your full name, your email address and your country of origin to your application.

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