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Dr. Max  Tiefenbacher was born in Munich (Germany) in 1973. After taking his A-Levels and finishing alternativ service in a hospital he studied medicine at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich. Later on he finished his education as specialist for neurology. He completed his thesis (M.D.) at the Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in 2006. His field of interest comprises neuropsychology, neurology, intelligence and psychometric methodology.

Some of his leisure time work regarding testing you can find under the HPS Tests link.

In 2002 he founded the HighPotentialsSociety to bring together people with high intelligence to an international platform.

He is a member of the following High IQ Societies:
Mensa (IQ>132), Sigma (IQ>132), Mysterium (IQ>132), Glia (IQ>150). External Advisor of the WIN (World Intelligence Network) Psychometric Committee. He is also honorary member of the following societies: HIQH, Pars (IQ>180).

Dr. Max Tiefenbacher Dr. Max Tiefenbacher

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